How will I know when my package of uniforms arrives at Behind the Seams? 

If you provide Behind the Seams with an E-mail address, you will be E-mailed upon its arrival and E-mailed when it is being returned to you.

What do you charge for repairs? 

The charges are based on a time and materials basis.

Are you certified to make repairs on turn-out gear? 

Yes, Ms. Vaughan received her certification from THE TOTAL FIRE GROUP in Dayton, OH on July 23, 2003.

Do the uniforms need to be cleaned before repairs are done? 

Yes, they need to have a routine cleaning.

What type of thread and material do you use? 

We always use flame retardant Nomex and Kevlar thread and materials for patching and restitching.

Can you replace zippers and hook and loop methods of fastening? 

Certainly, this can be accomplished without causing a breach to any moisture barrier material and without affecting the garment integrity.

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